Shannon Savvas

Born in New Zealand, left as a teenager to train as a nurse in the UK and ended up living in Saudi Arabia, Greece and Cyprus. I now divide my life and heart between New Zealand, England and Cyprus. I scribbled for years but only really got down to consistent writing in about 2009. The novel I was working on during that time is still brewing. But in 2014 I started writing short stories and flash fiction, receiving my first boost with the publication of a short story in New Zealand’s Headland journal in January 2015. 

Favourite contemporary writers: David Joy, Anne Michaels, Adrian McKinty

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Shannon admires

Kevin Barry: The Ox Mountain Death Song

The video from The Word Factory of Kevin Barry reading his story:

Tracey Slaughter: Postcards are a Thing of the Past

The Word Factory: Archive of short story readings:

Jessamine O’Connor: Poet

Chapbook: Pact

Kathy Fish: Writer and teacher of fast and micro-fiction.

Wild Life (Collected works 2003-2018)



the winner simply, and by a good length, is a brilliant, dark, end-of-life narrative by Claire, planning the dispatch of her paedophilic husband Jack emotionally resonant, perfectly plotted and shaped.
— The publisher and founder of Liliput Press Antony Farrell, judge of The Cúirt New Writing Prize said of Palliation:

Published fiction, wins, long lists and short.



To Hull and Back:

  • Longlist.


Grindstone Flash Fiction Prize:

  • Longlist


  • shortlist for two Flash fictions.

  • Winner with Symeona the Stylite


Bath Flash Fiction shortlist.


Reflex Fiction Spring Flash Fiction long list.

Flash500 (Short Story):

  • Short list

  • Hippo Man second prize

Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize:

  • Long list

TSS Flash Fiction prize (first quarter):

  • Long list with two flash fictions

  • The Kraken second prize

Flash500 flash fiction competition:

  • two flash fictions long list.

Into the Void literary Magazine: Issue 12 Published in print and online Athene Cunicularia


Gulf Coast Magazine Online: Flash Fiction - Oh, The Pretty Boys


Cuirt Literary festival New Writing Prize:

  • Winner with Palliation

Cuirt Literary Festival, Galway, Ireland: April 10th Reading at the Town Hall Theatre of winning story Palliation during the Over the Edge Showcase


  • Long list in Reflex Fiction (Upcoming Anthology)

  • Long list in InkTears (Short Story), Flash500 (Flash Fiction), Fish Publishing (Short Story).


Upcoming anthology 2018 Bath Flash Fiction Award.

July - Dover, flash fiction, published by @fishpublishing in Fish Anthology 2018 (paywall) 

July - The Desert Road is Prone to Erosion, short story, published by @HeadlandJournal in Headland, Issue 13 (paywall), 

July 6, Anywhere But Here, flash fiction, published by @FictiveDream 

June 16, Running Out, flash fiction, published by Flash Flood Journal

May 30, flash fiction, Rita Used to Know How to Dance, published by @reflexfiction 

May 18, Inheritance of Heart, short story, published by @MoreStorgy 

February, Pedometry, flash fiction, published by @InkTears

February 6, The House of Pink, short story, published by @CabinetOfHeed in The Cabinet of Heed, Issue Four 



December 31, Jimmy Choo Shoes, flash fiction, selected First Place, published by @reflexfiction in Barely Casting a Shadow – Reflex Fiction Volume One (paywall) 

September, Agnus Dei, flash fiction, “Highly commended” published by the New Zealand Society of Authors in Horizons 3, Poems and Short Stories (paywall) 

December, Arthur Mee’s Children’s Encyclopaedia, flash fiction, published by Ad Hoc Fiction in the lobsters run free, Bath Flash Fiction Volume Two (paywall) 

January, Into the Looking Glass, short story, published by Brown Dog Books in Bath Short Story Award Anthology 2017 (paywall) 



January, The Loneliness of the Long-distance Woman, short story, published by in Headland, Issue 1 (paywall),